Sales. Made Simple.

The ever-increasing competition an intensive pressure on all organizations that have to meet the complex needs of their sales and distribution processes. In turn, it has long been imperative for distributors of any size to stay abreast of latest developments in technology.

VendiSuite™ is your cloud-based platform that will provide the simple and affordable backoffice solution to manage the multiple facets of your sales and distribution operations. Having been in use at countless distributors of fast-moving consumer goods throughout the world, it is the one tool to help your organization perform and monitor daily-to-annual operations quickly and easily, regardless of product variety, sales volume and complexity.  Simple to use, yet comprehensive and flexible, it is the right fit for, and will grow with, your business.

Ordering and Sales Accounting

Whether you are a one-man business that take call-in orders only or you operate a large customer call center for teleselling, order-taking and management has never been easier than in VendiSuite. Integrate your featured products into the order-taking process, manage your customer sales targets with ‘order minimums’, take orders for the same customer with products from multiple suppliers, automatically split your orders into multiple remit-to’s for billing, manage AR/AP, send/receive EDI, and many more.

Advanced Promotion Management

With VendiSuite, you don’t have to worry about having the right sales strategy for any of your customer and product segments. The ability to setup multi-layered promotions with literally hundreds of combinations of discount dynamics, right at your fingertips.

Inventory Management

Keep control of your stocks on lot/expiry date level – And at every location, from your main warehouse all the way down to your smallest delivery truck. Integrate your data with your WMS.


Controlling your own data has never been easier. Set up your own data viewing templates or choose among hundreds of built-in reports. Extract your data in Excel-compatible files, have the data emailed to you. Use many widgets to create your own dashboard. With VendiSuite, reporting is a breeze.

Asset Management

Don’t lose track of your and your suppliers’ hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of assets in the field. Manage your freezers’ locations, assign sales rights, drop off and recollect your pallets, and many more. Fully customizable asset movement and validation process where you setup your own movement types and approval mechanisms.

Data Management and Consolidation

You run a multiple-distributor operation and have to manage data common to all? No problem: Use the VendiSuite HQ™ module to manage and deploy such data instantly across your distributors. Bulk-load your master data from your ERP where needed. Get all your distributors’ operational data in one place through the HQ module. Run your reports in HQ, or send them up to your ERP.

Integration with the Field

Get even more out of your VendiSuite platform through the use of other supporting modules VendiRoute and VendiClient.